Artiscic Directiors and Choreographers:
Beata Stelmach i Danuta Ciechańska

Costume preparation:
Mirosława Rzepecka

Musical direction:
Mariusz Walkiewicz

Bartłomiej Bielecki - accordion
Mariusz Walkiewicz - clarinet
Piotr Kubala - bass
Julianna Kryska - violin
Matylda Chądzyńska - violin

Vocal preparatoin:
Dominika Rydz - Kancler

      Folk Song and Dance Ensemble „ŁÓDŹ” was founded in 1983 and is developing under Youth Cultural Centre’s carestill expanding their repertoire, which consists of not only national dances from many regions in Poland.

       The main aim of the group is to popularize the beauty of Polish culture all over the world. Moreover, we are able to present two hours programme, which includes full of vigourous dances from almost every region of Poland.

      Good-looking youngsters, beautiful dance clothes, original and interesting musical and choreographic compositions, bewitching songs were seen by audience in Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Hungary, Cyprus, Sardinia, etc..

      Moreover, „Łódź” is a member of Associations Polish Section of National Council’s Folk Associations, Festivals and Folk Art (C.I.O.F.F.). For its long and successful activities “Łódź” received the Badge of Merits for the City of Łódź granded by the City Council.

During various jorneys,except singl performances, the group took part in national folk festivals, where it achieved many precious awards and partialities. The groupis every where well welcomed and strongly applauded by excited audience. Thanks to the fact that our repertoire has been still dynamically expending our group is very much appreciated and loudly applauded by both polish and international audience. Songs , dances and customs presented by Song and Dance Ensemble “ Łódź” on the stage, describe beauty and diversity of different regions of Poland in colorful, vigorous way. They also show genuine art of polish folklore costume.

       We do our best to make famous the beauty of polish traditional culture through our songs and dances.

Through our dances and songs we are covering with glory the beauty of polish folklore.